Rail&Fly - the train to your plane

Many airlines offer their customers the “Rail&Fly” option. Please, therefore, ask about “Rail&Fly” upon booking your next flight if you are interested. With Rail&Fly you can travel comfortably by train from one of over 5,600 DB stations to the airport (and back again). It is a perfect opportunity to save parking- and airport shuttle fees.

Many tour operators offer “Rail&Fly” as well. If you would like to or have booked with tour operator, please contact them directly. Please note that this website is only intended for customers who booked their “Rail&Fly” option in combination with an international flight ticket issued by an airline. 

How to get your Rail&Fly ticket

  1. Booking
    Book "Rail&Fly" with your travel agency or via the airline’s website together with your flight.
  2. Check-in
    Check in for your train ride on rail-checkin.com.
  3. Download your ticket
    Download your Rail&Fly ticket directly. In addition, the ticket will also be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided.

Information about the Check-in

  • After issuance of the flight ticket, the ticket is made available for check-in and download. For this, open the link rail-checkin.com provided on the flight booking confirmation.
  • It is recommended to check-in as early as possible.
  • Now enter your name and either flight ticket number or PNR locator and follow the check-in process.
  • While checking-in you will already select a train connection matching your flight. However, the Rail&Fly ticket can be used flexibly on the selected day of travel on the selected route without being fixed to a specific train.
  • If several passengers booked on the same PNR (can be identified by the same booking code/record locator) use the same rail connection, these passengers (max. 5 people) can check in together and then receive a joint ticket. Alternatively, a separate check-in can also take place.

Booking with a voucher code

Should you have received a voucher code for a Rail&Fly ticket from your airline, you can redeem it via the following website: bahnanreise.de

On board of the train

Show your “Rail&Fly“ ticket to the train attendant upon ticket inspection.
If you lose your Rail&Fly ticket, you can easily download it again via the respective website until the day of travel.