Information for passengers with dogs

Do you want to bring your dog with you? That's not a problem when you travel with DB!

If your dog cannot be transported in a carrier, you simply need to buy a half-price ticket so it can travel by train.

Half-price tickets for long-distance journeys are available for standard and saver fares alike. If you are travelling with a regional Länder-Ticket or nationwide Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket, your dog counts as a person/adult. Dogs cannot be included on Online-Tickets, i.e. they are not entitled to free travel as children are. If bringing your dog on a cross-border journey, you need to buy a child's second-class ticket for it.

As a general rule, seats cannot be reserved for dogs. Similarly, it is not possible to print out online tickets booked for dogs: instead, these online tickets are sent by post. All you need to do is select the option for children aged from 6 to 14 who are travelling alone.

In the interests of passenger safety, please make sure your dog wears a muzzle and is kept on a leash when on board trains. If your dog is not wearing a muzzle or is not on a leash, or if a muzzle and leash are not deployed when requested by a train attendant, the attendant is entitled to remove the dog from the train. This does not apply to dogs being transported in carriers. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are not required to wear muzzles.

Free transport

Passengers can bring small dogs (e.g. the size of a domestic cat and smaller) free of charge if using a carrier for transportation.

City Night Line / DB Autozug

Passengers who have booked a compartment for their exclusive use may bring dogs with them. The fare of EUR 30 per animal is paid on board the train.