Call a Bike

Bikes are available for hire in some city centres and at many ICE stations

No more traffic jams, no more timetables: DB's Call a Bike service gives you freedom and is the green and healthy transport option to boot

With their distinctive red and silver colour scheme, Deutsche Bahn's rental bikes are available for hire in the city centres of Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Cologne, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Elsewhere in Germany, they can also be hired at some 40 stations served by ICE trains.

Using the scheme is very easy. Just complete the customer registration process either online, via the Call a Bike app or at a terminal, and then you can rent a bike straight away - to go shopping, do some sightseeing or commute to work.

Click "callbike" for more information about availability, terms and conditions
As a Call a Bike customer, you can hire a bicycle from StadtRÄDER in Hamburg and Konrad in Kassel without the need for additional registration.

StadtRÄDER in Hamburg
Konrad in Kassel