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“My journey”: All of your information at a glance

The new function My journey will guide you before and on your journey. Where will the train depart? Where exactly am I on my journey? How much time have I got left before I have to change trains or reach my destination? All of these questions will now be answered under My journey.

Simply access the ticket section and download your itinerary. Or download a connection saved as one of your favourites – or a connection taken directly from the travel information found under My journey. This is all it takes for you to be up-to-date and to get all of your information at a glance.

  • My journeyWith all of your information at a glance
  • Regional offersBook directly
  • Travel planning incl. S-bahn (local trains) and U-Bahn (underground trains), trams and buses
  • Real-time information with current departure and arrival times
  • Door-to-door route planner including GPS positioning and footpath mapping
  • Delay Notificationsas a push message
  • Saving and management of your Handy-Tickets
  • Saver fare finder find the cheapest prices available

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Information on punctuality Would you like to know if your train is on time? The DB Navigator won’t just keep you up to date on progress on current routes, but also about any possible disruption or delays.
Delay Notification Would you like to know if your train is on time? The Delay Notification makes this possible. Just activate Delay Alarm when you make your booking and if your train is delayed you’ll receive an e-mail straight away.
Help finding your way around What’s the quickest way to the station? DB Navigator’s Google Streetmap will show you. Thanks to integrated GPS mapping, your current position is used as your location.
Tickets and Travel Information When does my train leave? From which platform? Where do I have to change? Your travel information will tell you this at a glance, as well as the exact time of arrival and interim stations.
Alternative routes Missed your train? This function gives you all the alternative connections including an exact route description and departure times for your proposed route.
Location Finder with Augmented Reality This DB Navigator function for smartphones provides you with an excellent aid to getting your bearings, particularly when you are unfamiliar with the area. Simply switch the smartphone camera on, take a look at the area around you through the camera and the stations nearby will appear on the screen – complete with their distance away.
Connections and Footpath Search Your journey doesn’t need to be indirect. The route functions show you the nearest stations and local street maps. So you’ll always be able to find the shortest and best way from door to door.
Flinkster (car-sharing) and Call-a-Bike finder You’ve reached your destination. Where do you go from here? Just transfer from your train. The “Flinkster” and Call-a-Bike finder will show you the nearest place where you can hire cars and bicycles.

DB Navigator needs the following:

Your location:
in order to use your “current position” as the starting point or destination, or let you know what stations are nearby.

Access to your diary:
in order to save information on your connections in your diary. The program needs to know which diary format your smartphone uses. The program does not read any diary entries.

Access to your contact data:
In order to transfer an address from your contacts to use as the starting point / destination, the program has access to your contact data. By selecting a contact, the address which has been saved for this contact is transferred into the starting point / destination field. When you search for connections, the contact’s address is used as the starting point / destination.

These permissions are solely used within the device for the purposes described above.

BahnCard services in DB Navigator

Information about your BahnCard is now available in the DB Navigator app under the menu item "bahn.bonus". To use the BahnCard-Services, you first need to approve the access online through your account.

Information about BahnCard-Services registration

The following services are available in the app:

  • Information about your current BahnCard
  • Possibility to update name and address
  • Possibility to request account information
  • Receive news and special offers by email
  • bahn.bonus points query
  • Sign up for bahn.bonus program
  • Select whether to always collect, or only when you select during booking process, points

DB Navigator’s Saver Fare Finder

Let your smartphone show you low cost, available fares for long-distance services. Enter the security code which you are shown and then select your desired connection. Please note the terms of the offer.

If there is a better fare available in First Class, this will also be shown even if you have requested connections in Standard Class.

If you would like to travel in different comfort classes on each leg, or if you wish to enter BahnCards with differing levels of discount, just book the outbound and return journeys separately.

DB Navigator on the Apple Watch

Journey information directly at hand!

DB Navigator on the apple watch provides you with highly relevant information on your journey, possible delays, and stops/stations closest to you. Have your watch show you itineraries with departure times, platforms, stopovers and railway stations - and also your reserved seat!

By utilising Geolocation, the watch can also display stations in the surrounding area. After tapping on a railway station, you will get access to the station’s departure timetable. You can then select a train to display the corresponding platform.

If you subscribe to the delay alarm push service, the watch will vibrate whenever there is an itinerary change and you will also receive a notification. More detailed information is available inside the iPhone app.

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Alternative Routes

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Suggested alternative routes to your destination are available, if required.

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