Passengers' rights – regulations which apply to national services

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Compensation for late arrival at your destination station

  • Passengers who arrive at their destination station 60 minutes late or more are entitled to compensation of 25 per cent of the paid fare for a single journey, 50 per cent for delays of 120 minutes or more.
  • For return journeys compensation is calculated on half of the fare paid.
  • Holders of regional and long-distance season tickets are entitled to lump-sum compensation for each delay of 60 minutes or more. Holders of weekly and monthly tickets for regional trains are kindly asked to note all delays and submit one application for compensation to the Passengers' Rights Service Centre on expiry of their ticket.
  • Compensation of less than EUR 4 will not be paid out. This means that holders of season tickets for regional trains have to claim at least two (1st class) or three (2nd class) delays and submit the claims as one application.
  • Holders of season tickets are entitled to compensation amounting to a maximum of 25 per cent of the value of the season ticket.
  • Passengers entitled to compensation can choose between a travel voucher or cash payment.

Compensation per journey for season tickets for delays of 60 minutes or more in euros

2nd class 1st class
Season tickets for regional trains
1.50 2.25 Euro
Season tickets for long-distance trains 5.00 7.50
Mobility BahnCard 100 10.00 15.00

Continuing the journey with a different train

If the train is expected to arrive at the destination station of the passenger's ticket with a delay of 20 minutes or more, the passenger is entitled to:

  • continue the journey at the next opportunity on the same or a different route, or
  • continue the journey later if this means reducing the delay in arrival at the destination station, or
  • use a different train for which no reservations are compulsory. Passengers who have a ticket for a regional train but use a higher quality train in such cases are first obliged to pay the additionally required ticket/supplement for the change of train and can subsequently claim for a refund of these costs. The foregoing regulation does not apply to tickets for a substantially reduced fare (e.g. Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket, Laender-Tickets).

In case of an expected delay of 60 minutes or more in arrival at the destination station, passengers can

  • abandon the journey and have the entire fare refunded.
  • have the unused section of the journey refunded in case of partial usage.
  • have both the section of the journey already used as well as the unused section refunded in case the journey is abandoned and the passenger returns to the station of departure.

Refund of any necessary expenses owing to delays

  • If the train is expected to arrive at the destination station with a delay of 60 minutes or more and the scheduled time of arrival is between 0:00 and 5:00 h, the passenger is entitled to use a different means of transport (e.g. bus or taxi). The cost of such alternative transport will be refunded up to a maximum of EUR 80.
  • The above also applies if the last scheduled train of the day is cancelled, so that the passenger cannot reach the destination station by 24:00 h without using a different means of transport.
  • Passengers who are obliged to seek overnight accommodation owing to a train cancellation or delay and cannot reasonably be expected to continue their journey the same day are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable accommodation expenses.
  • If the railway provides the passenger with a substitute means of transport or any required accommodation free of charge, this option shall always take precedence over any alternatives organised by the passenger.

Please note the following regulations on the exclusion of liability

The right to compensation pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Passenger Carriage does not apply if the train cancellation or delay or the missed connection is attributable to (i) circumstances beyond the scope of railway operations which the transport company could not have avoided despite exercising all due care required according to the situation and the consequences of which it could not have averted, (ii) if the passenger is at fault or (iii) is based on the conduct of a third party which the transport company could not have avoided despite exercising all due care required according to the situation and the consequences of which it could not have averted.

Requirements for claiming passengers' rights

All claims are based on your ticket and the connection you chose. Passengers are entitled to claim compensation for travel chains, including journeys which consist of trains operated by different railway undertakings for which a through ticket can be used.
Holders of a transport association ticket are asked to contact the transport association concerned for details of the applicable regulations concerning passengers' rights.