The Intercity trains (IC) in Germany and the Eurocity trains (EC) in Europe

Eurocity train (EC)

Deutsche Bahn trains in Germany and Europe

Travel with Deutsche Bahn and connect directly to every major city in Germany and Europe with the Intercity (IC) trains and the Eurocity (EC) trains. The Intercity (IC) and Eurocity (EC) trains are there to take you further – at speeds of up to 200 km/h to the destination of your choice. Both trains run frequently, either every hour or every two hours depending on your destination.
The Intercity (IC) trains are exclusively for traveling within Germany, while Eurocity (EC) trains connect major German cities with your favourites cities in most neighbouring European countries. Both trains are very comfortable and offer much convenience that is sure to satisfy.

New: Reserve your seat in designated quiet zones or mobile phone zones in first class!

 Drinking Coffee in the bordrestaurant of Intercity (IC) and Eurocity (EC) trains

Gastronomy on DB Intercity (IC) and Eurocity (EC) trains

Almost all Intercity or Eurocity trains have an onboard restaureant and/or a Boardbistro. The Intercity trains of Deutsche Bahn include electric outlets at table seats of the center aisle in coaches of both classes.
Eurocity trains consist partly of wagons from neighboring train companies and may vary in terms of equipment.

How you feel about visiting Poland's capital?

Travel with the Eurocity Berlin - Warsaw
The Eurocity trains offer direct connections from Berlin to Warsaw via Frankfurt (Oder) and Poznan in less than 6 hours. There is a madatory reservation on the Eurocity Berlin Warsaw, which is included in the ticket fare. Use Deutsche Bahn's flexible fare (Flexpreis) or benefit from the saver fare for Europe (Sparpreis Europa), the saver fare for Germany-Poland from as little as 39 euros.
Please note: This is a limited offer. To get this price you should book it as early as possible. Tickets with seat reservation can be booked up to two month in advance.

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