Traveling with children

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How to travel with children on our trains

Age Requirements
0-6 years Children aged under 6 always travel free of charge and do not need a ticket (no need to state these children on the ticket).
6-14 years The adult passenger's children or grandchildren aged between 6 and 14 travel free of charge (but must be stated on the ticket).
Children traveling on their own are entitled to a discount of 50%.

New: Special family areas on-board

You can reserve designated family areas on-board of our ICE trains now!

Children traveling on their own (unattended minors)

A single booking has to be made for children traveling on their own. You cannot book an online ticket for children who are not accompanied by an adult. Tickets for children will be sent by post. If it is too late to order a ticket to be sent by post, you can only book a seat reservation online and buy the ticket at the station.

DB Family Pass (Familienkarte)

A DB Family Pass is available for parents or grandparents who wish to take more than 3 of their own children or grandchildren aged under 15 with them on a rail journey free of charge. The DB Family Pass is available at the DB travel centres and is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Two DB Family Passes are issued to parents/grandparents with more than 8 children/grandchildren.

The little ICE

Older children will enjoy "The little ICE" games app, which allows them to design their own ICE and and their own route. After they have chosen and dressed their own character, the game begins. In just a few steps, they discover how to lay rail tracks and operate their own ICE. They gradually develop a round trip throughout the whole of Germany. In smart 3D graphics, they cross rivers, connect the railway stations in major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, and learn geography without even noticing.

They will particularly enjoy designing their own miniature ICE. From rocket propulsion to long rabbit ears, they can let their imagination run riot. Kids can play the game anywhere.

"The Little ICE" can be played on practically all mobile devices and can be downloaded free of charge from app shops or via

Children's ticket
Children or grandchildren aged under 15 travel free of charge when accompanying their parents or grandparents, provided they are stated on the ticket at the time of purchase (for further information see below).

But because we know that our young passengers are always fascinated by tickets, we have designed a special "children's ticket" for them. The children's ticket is not a valid travel document. Kids can use the voucher contained in each children's ticket to collect a changing selection of surprises from the on-board bistro.

You can either pick up the children's ticket from the attendant on board long-distance trains or print it yourself here.
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Snackbox: The kids menu

Have all these games made you hungry?
If so, head for the on-board restaurant and enjoy the special children's snack box - with cheeseburger, Capri Sun organic fruit drink, "Freche Freunde" fruit snack and Kinder Joy.

The kids' menu comes in a cute railway station box and also contains a miniature ICE.

All of this is available for just 5.90 euros in the on-board bistro or restaurant.

Click here to download the menu

Traveling with infants

Almost all ICE and most EC/IC trains have a parent-and-child compartment...
...that is available primarily for customers traveling with babies or children aged under 3. If you are traveling with an infant, we recommend that you reserve a seat in the parent-and-child compartment.

Trains with a parent-and-child compartment normally have seats at a table where children can draw or play. Depending on the type of train, pushchairs can be stored either inside or near the compartment. There is an electric socket in the compartment which you can use to heat (your own) baby food in a bottle warmer (All electric sockets in passenger areas on board our trains have an integrated child safety device).

Some trains have a fold-down baby-changing table inside the compartment or in the WC for wheelchair users, which is adjacent to the parent-and-child compartment.

The facilities may vary on some EC/IC trains with older types of coach or rolling stock from other European railways.