Guarantee yourself a comfortable journey - reserve a seat

Did you know: all 1st class tickets include a seat reservation!

- Jump on the train and take a seat, your seat!
- For customers with flexible fare tickets (Flexpreis), you can easily change your reservation up until shortly before departure

Make your journey even more comfortable

You can choose from a mobile phone or rest area, an open wagon or small compartment, window or aisle. If you are reserving several seats we will try and find seats that are closer together wherever possible.

Are you traveling with your family? If so, simply book a family seating reservation in one of our designated family areas on-board of ICE trains – and keep everyone together.

Online, at the station or from your travel agent

Seats can be reserved up to 3 months in advance for travel within Germany, or 2 months in advance for international destinations. It is possible to purchase a ticket reservation separately by checking the box ''reservation for seat only'' in the booking platform.

Please note: Seat reservations for some international destinations can only be booked separately when purchased at a DB Reisezentrum or DB sales agent

Single journey: Prices:
Single reservation
4.50 euros
Family reservation
9 euros
Group reservation 2 euros per person
The charge for seat reservations cannot be refunded.

Your seat reservation is only kept for up to 15 minutes after the train has departed.

Please contact the Mobility Service Center to reserve specific seats for a disabled person and their companion.

Some international connections cannot be booked online, in this case we recommend contacting a local DB sales agent.

Do you want to reserve a place in the night train?
Select the desired connection during the booking process and then click ''book only extra charge'', you will be re-directed to seat and sleeper reservations.

Graphic seat display

Many trains now offer the ability to see your seat during the booking process. After you have given your preferences, our system will select a seat for you, click ''Show Seats'' to see your given seat or to choose another yourself.*

*Trains are subject to change, so your seat or the direction of travel may be different to the online display.

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