Rail&Fly – your train to and from the airport

Flugzeug vor blauem Himmel

Rail&Fly is the fast and stress-free way to travel from the airport to your travel destination in Germany on the complete DB network. Rail&Fly ticket can be purchased in combination with your flight ticket. This is a convenient extra service for customers of our

Rail&Fly partner airlines (PDF, 42KB)

Rail&Fly tour operators. (PDF, 43KB)

  • To/from each of the more than 5,700 DB railway stations
  • To/from any German airport and Basel Airport and Salzburg Airport on the entire DB rail network. Below, you will find a list of all connecting services to and from airports which are included free of charge in your Rail&Fly ticket.
  • On all DB trains (incl. ICE), special trains and only on certain City Night Line trains. Journeys inside a transport association are permissible only in combination with use of a long-distance train.
  • Rail&Fly tickets are valid on the day before your flight departure, the day of the outbound flight, the day of your return flight and the following day. When you book a Rail&Fly ticket from an airline, it is important to have the exact date on which you will travel to the airport stated in the booking.
Most airlines now issue electronic tickets, which means that you have to collect your Rail&Fly ticket from a DB long-distance ticket vending machine or print it at home before you begin your journey. For further information please visit www.bahn.de/railandfly (in German).
Rail&Fly is a service offered by the airlines and tour operators and may therefore be subject to additional conditions/restrictions. Please check with the tour operator or its agent before your flight ticket is issued.
If a group of 9 persons or more is planning to travel together on the same train, please contact the tour operator, who will check whether or not train carriage is possible
Rail&Fly tickets are not valid for journeys inside transport associations, i.e. using only local transport services. Example: if you depart from Essen and wish to use a Rail&Fly ticket to reach Düsseldorf Airport, you are not permitted to use local public transport. Instead, you can use ICE and IC to travel to the airport.

Recommended for

  • Travelers flying in from other countries
  • People in favor of eco-friendly travel alternatives
  • Travelers with only a single stop in Germany. You have multiple stops? Check out the German Rail Pass!

Further information on Rail&Fly is available via your airline or your tour operator. Please note that Rail&Fly cannot be purchased at Deutsche Bahn sales points.

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