Exceptional service before your train even departs

Deutsche Bahn wishes you a pleasant journey and invites you to experience a new level of customer service in 15 DB Lounges across Germany. Relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and attentive service before continuing to your final destination.

Also, new 1st Class DB lounges in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt / Main bring comfort to a new level, offering complimentary drinks and snacks delivered right to your seat. You can also take advantage of the T-Moblie Hot Spot Internet connection, which is free of charge for all customers entitled to use the DB lounge. You can easily check your email or simply surf the Internet to stay connected with friends, family and co-workers during your journey. With this innovation and a customer-service oriented approach, DB Lounges bring customer satisfaction to new levels.

DB Lounges are located in the following stations:

City Telephone City Telephone City Telephone
Berlin main station* +49 (0)30 297-42143 Frankfurt/M. station* +49 (0)69 265-28325 Leipzig main station +49 (0)341 968-3322
Bremen main station +49 (0)421 221-4206 Frankfurt/M. airport +49 (0)69 265-37956 Mannheim main station +49 (0)621 830-3033
Düsseldorf main station +49 (0)211 3680-1503 Hamburg main station* +49 (0)40 3918-2202 Munich main station* +49 (0)89 1308-6400
Dresden main station +49 (0)351 461-1597 Hanover main station +49 (0)511 286-5461 Nuremberg main station +49 (0)911 219-3182
Essen main station +49 (0)201 182-1147 Cologne main station +49 (0)221 141-3398 Stuttgart main station +49 (0)711 2092-3305
* Separate 1st Class lounge location
Please note that Rail Pass holders do not have access to DB Lounges.

General information


Members of staff welcome you here and inform you of the services on offer in the DB lounge. These include up-to-date travel information and departure times of your connecting trains. Passengers can also buy tickets, alter bookings or make seat reservations in the lounges.

Entrance to DB Lounges

DB lounges are open to:

- passengers with valid DB 1st class rail tickets
- ‘bahn.bonus.comfort’ customers and 1 accompanying person


Small groups of seats with comfortable armchairs or sofas are available in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. You can also keep up to date with the newspaper magazines available as well as the news on TV.


Our service stations offer a wide range of complimentary non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages.

Working areas

If you need to get some work done while you’re waiting, take a seat with your laptop at the available tables and take advantage of the T-Mobile If you need to get some work done while you’re waiting, take a seat with your laptop at the available tables and take advantage of the T-Mobile Hotspot internet connection.

Opening times

Every day from 7am to 9pm. Times may vary for each DB lounge, however. Please note the variable opening times at weekends and public holidays.