Seat reservations - your guarantee for a comfortable journey

Reserve your personal seat for your rail journey to ensure utmost relaxation. You have a choice for all options: whether you prefer a mobile phone reception or quiet area, a large or small compartment, window or aisle - you will find the right seat for any preference.
If you want to reserve several seats we will try and find seats that are located together wherever possible.

Are you travelling with your family? If so, simply book a family seating reservation – and keep everyone together.

Book your seat together with your ticket at and benefit from the online price advantage!

Seats can be booked up to 3 months (international journeys up to 2 months) before departure, and can be reserved separately from buying a ticket: You can also make reservations if you have already bought a ticket or own a Mobility BahnCard 100.

(when served by a person or at or at ticket machines)
Single reservation
2nd Class EUR 4.50
1st Class EUR 4.50
Family reservation
2nd Class EUR 9.00
1st Class EUR 9.00

Please note that your seat reservation is only kept for up to 15 minutes after the train has departed.

Reservations are possible on all long-distance trains. The charge for seat reservations cannot be refunded.

You can obtain the family reservation (up to 5 passengers) directly via the online travel information. You can reserve adjoining seats for more than 5 persons or book specific seats for ICE trains at the ticket counter or the DB Travel Service Hotline.

Please contact the Mobility Service Centre to reserve specific seats for a disabled person and their companion.

When making an online reservation, your payment data is protected by a secure online connection (SSL) between your PC and our computer. You can use the following credit cards for payment: American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa Card. As the holder of a BahnCard you can also pay by direct debit.

NEW: Graphic seat reservation

Book the seat of your choice!
Whether you prefer to sit beside the window or near the exit, as from now you can reserve the seat of your choice on many ICE services thanks to the graphic seat display.

New: seat reservations for First Class customers are now included in the ticket fare

Now you’ll be able to enjoy even more comfort. When purchasing a 1st class ticket, you can can look forward to:

- A seat reservation included in the ticket fare for all 1st class customers when buying a Flexpreis (flexible fare for Germany/Europe) or Sparpreis (saver fare for Germany) ticket;
- Exchanges on reservations at no charge until shortly before your departure, allowing you to keep your options open

During the booking process, click "Show Seats" to view a graphic display of the coach layout, which suggests suitable seats on the basis of the preferences and number of passengers you have stated. Alternatives will be offered if no seats are available which match your requirements. You can also scroll through the individual coaches on the train to choose the seat you would like. Please note the arrows which indicate the train's direction of travel.

NB: This fully functional beta version allows you to reserve seats as from now, although the display may still be subject to minor restrictions

The graphic coach layout display is available for approx. 80% of all ICE trains.

It is not yet available for ICE 2 and ICE TD trains, which are still undergoing redesign and modernisation, so that no reliable display is available for these vehicles. The graphic seat display cannot be used to book seats on IC and EC trains for that reason.

To date, the direction of travel is shown for roughly half the ICE lines.

The anticipated direction of travel at your departure station is shown for these ICE lines. The system also shows a list of those stations at which the train will change direction. However, as the trains to be deployed are sometimes changed at short notice, this is not possible for all trains.

In some individual cases, the coach display may differ from the actual situation on board the train.

Owing to differences between the individual ICE classes, there may be the following deviations between the display and the actual situation on the train. Potential deviations are clearly highlighted in the display by an exclamation mark
- A seat may or may not be at a table, contrary to the display
- The seat may be facing in the opposite direction to the one shown in the display
- A seat may be located in an open-saloon coach or compartment coach, other than stated in the display
- Combinations of the above deviations are possible