Rail&Fly – your train to the airport

Rail&Fly is the fast and stress-free way to travel straight to the airport or city centre. The new mainline railway stations at Frankfurt (FRA), Düsseldorf (DUS), Leipzig/Halle (LEJ), and Cologne/Bonn (CGN) airports make Rail&Fly a particularly attractive option. This is a convenient extra service for customers of our partner airlines and tour operators.

  • to/from each of the more than 5,600 DB railway stations.
  • to/from any German airport as well as Basel and Salzburg Airports on the entire DB rail network. Below, you will find a list of all connecting services to and from airports which are included free of charge in your Rail&Fly ticket.
  • Reservations are compulsory for ICE Sprinter trains and a separate supplement is required. You can make the reservation and pay the supplement at all DB Travel Centres and DB agencies.
  • Reservations are compulsory for City Night Line services and a special supplement is required for the comfort category (seat, couchette, sleeper). You can make the reservation and pay the supplement at www.bahn.com, at all DB Travel Centres, DB agencies or via the phone.
  • Rail&Fly tickets are valid on the day before your flight departure, the day of the outbound flight, the day of your return flight and the following day.
Conveniently print at home Pickup from one of over 7.000 DB ticket machines
Go to www.accesrail.com/checkin and enter your name as well as your booking reference or flight ticket number to easily download and print your Rail&Fly ticket. In case of loss, you can simply download and print your ticket again. Please note that the ticket cannot be downloaded earlier than 72 hours before departure.
Alternatively you can pick up your ticket from a DB vending machine located at every train station. This requires the Pickup Number which is stated in your flight booking. Therefore just follow the button reading “Rail&Fly” and enter the Pickup Number. Picking up the ticket from a vending machine is also not possible earlier than 72 hours before departure. If the ticket was already downloaded online, a printout at the DB ticket machine will not be possible. For Rail&Fly from/to Amsterdam, Belgium and Zurich the pickup at the vending machine is not possible.

-Rail&Fly is a service offered by travel agencies and airlines and may therefore be subject to additional conditions/restrictions. Please check with the airline or its agent before your flight ticket is issued.
-If you have a group of 9 or more people planning to travel together on the same train, please contact the airline issuing the ticket, which will check whether and on what trains carriage is possible.
-Rail&Fly tickets are not valid for journeys within transport associations, i.e. using only local transport services. For example: if you live in Essen and wish to use a Rail&Fly ticket to reach Düsseldorf Airport, you are not permitted to use local public transport, but you can use ICE and IC services instead.

Further information on Rail&Fly is available via your airline or your tour operator. Please note that Rail&Fly can not be purchased at Deutsche Bahn sales points.