BahnCard 25, 50 and 100 for frequent travelers

You can save a lot with the BahnCard if you are a frequent traveler in Germany

BahnCard 25

The choice for occasional travelers and families: BahnCard 25 already pays off with one annual journey of more than EUR 250.00 in second class. BahnCard 25 costs just EUR 62.00 for second class and EUR 125.00 for first class and grants 25% reduction on the full fare for a whole year

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BahnCard 50

• Only EUR 255 / reduced rate only EUR 127 (second class)
• 25% discount on Sparpreis saver fares for long-distance rail travel
• Valid on DB's local and long-distance trains
• Flexible travel on any train
• City-Ticket option

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BahnCard 100

Just hop on the next train: BahnCard 100 offers 12 months travel on all DB services. It only costs EUR 4,090.00 for second class and EUR 6,890.00 for first class. The order form for the BahnCard 100 is only available in German currently.

Further BahnCard offers:

City-Ticket for BahnCard users

Free onward travel on public urban transport - with your long-distance ticket and BahnCard discount as well as your BahnCard 100. With the City-Ticket option you can travel for free on public urban transport in many German cities by bus, S-Bahn, tram or underground from your DB train station to your destination in the city area. Outward and return. You are required to purchase your ticket with BahnCard discount, your destination is over 100 km from your orign and is within City-Ticket zone. City-Ticket is free and is automatically noted on your DB-ticket with "+City" behind the DB station name.

Further information

BahnCard insurance

The BahnCard insurance covers you or your family against most travel risks. Your insurance can be obtained online or at DB travel centres and DB agencies. The travel insurance is valid from the day of purchase until the expiry date of the respective BahnCard.

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BahnCard 25 & 50 for business travellers

BahnCard Business has been specially designed for business customers. The advantage for you: with BahnCard Business you can combine your company's corporate client discount with attractive BahnCard discounts.

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Collect points with bahn.bonus

As BahnCard user you can collect points (valid for 3 years) for each rail travel on Deutsche Bahn and redeem them for attractive rewards. Therefore please state at purchase of a ticket that you would like to collect bahn.bonus points. A credit of points after the purchase is not possible.

Travel using electricity from 100% renewable sources (green power)

Since 1st April 2013, all BahnCard customers have been travelling on long-distance services within Germany(ICE, IC/EC) by electricity from 100% renewable sources without any additional charges.