Online passengers' rights form

Dear Customer,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by the delay or cancellation of your train. We should like to apologise and offer you compensation in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage. Deutsche Bahn has provided the following online passengers' rights form to ensure that you receive your compensation or refund as simply as possible.

Passengers' rights form

Download and print your passengers' rights form here

Passengers' rights form (PDF, 119KB)

Requirements for claiming compensation:

  • You must be in possession of a valid ticket for the delayed/cancelled journey at the time of the incident.
  • Compensation can only be paid for delays/cancellations of trains operated by the participating railways.
  • Please note that sums of less than EUR 4 will not be paid out.

Passengers are not entitled to compensation in the following circumstances:

  • Circumstances beyond the scope of railway operations which could not be avoided or averted by the railway undertaking.
  • Fault on the part of the passenger.
  • Conduct of a third party which could be have avoided or averted by the railway undertaking.

The three steps to obtain compensation:

Step 1: Complete the form

Please complete the required boxes of the following online form in accordance with the instructions.

Special conditions for season tickets

  • Weekly and monthly tickets: please submit the forms for all claims together (in one envelope) immediately on expiry of your season ticket.
  • Yearly ticket: please collect the forms for claims and submit them together as soon as there have been at least two delays (1st class tickets) or three delays (2nd class).
  • Please complete one form for each delay.
  • Enclose a copy of your season ticket with the forms.
  • Please state the number of the form WITH the copy of your season ticket (the number has the following format: 1435 12345678 9 – you will find it in the address box on the printed form.
  • Place all the forms together in one envelope and submit them to obtain compensation.

To process your claim we need your address and also your bank account if you wish to have the compensation paid into your bank.

Step 2: Print the online form and check that it is complete

Please print the completed online form and confirm that the data is correct by adding your signature. Then enclose all the necessary documentary proof.

Please do not forget to enclose your original ticket with the passengers' rights form, or – if you need your original for other purposes – a copy of your ticket, a copy of your season ticket or a copy of your Mobility BahnCard 100. We regret that we are otherwise unable to pay any compensation.

If no price is printed on your ticket, please also submit proof of the price (except for Mobility BahnCard 100).

Please check that all the documents are complete and submit the printed passengers' rights form as follows:

  • Printed and signed passengers' rights form
  • Original ticket or copy of ticket/season ticket
  • Proof of the price, if no price is printed on the ticket (except for Mobility BahnCard 100)

Other original receipts for reimbursement of any necessary expenses in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage:

  • Ticket required for the alternative means of transport/taxi receipt (original only!)
  • Transfer to ICE/IC/EC or ticket for the use of an alternative train with regional transport ticket in case of delays/cancellation
  • Hotel bill if overnight accommodation was necessary

Step 3: Submit for processing

Once you have checked that everything is complete, you can submit your passengers' rights form.
You can either hand in the printed online passengers' rights form, in an envelope together with the documents, to a DB Travel Center, or stamp the envelope and send it directly to Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte, 60647 Frankfurt am Main.

Important notice: Please provide us with a written statement if you want to have the original submitted tickets returned to you. Otherwise, these will be destroyed after a period of three months.

Your application will be processed within one month.