Simply better informed: with up-to-date arrival/departure times

"My next Bahn"

The "My next Bahn" schedule service has become even more informative by directly displaying real-time information: Check if your train is on time, get informed about constructions, upcoming changes of the schedule or short-term dysfunctions - simply within your online travel & booking information, where the effective time of arrival and departure of your chosen train is displayed.

Register for "My Bahn" and set up this convenient service under the “My data and settings”.

  • Our preview shows you whether your train will be leaving on time up to 120 minutes before departure. The information is displayed in the connection overview directly alongside the relevant trains.
  • Platform changes, possible risks to connections or train cancellations are clearly highlighted with appropriate graphics. Announcements about disruptions which have far-reaching impacts on the schedule, e.g. storms or blocked routes, are also shown.
  • Several days before your departure the available data concerning possible building sites can be retrieved, if they have impact on your requested connection.

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Up-to-date information for your journey in the trip information

Find alternative connections

  • Should you - due to rearranged travelling plans or delayed trains - be in need of an alternative option for your onward journey, our function Adjust the transfer time will be of help. In the trip information you can then choose whether you want to arrive earlier at your connecting station train station or proceed later.

The forecast data is updated continuously, so that in principle the information can change again before the train has reached the station in question. No responsibility is assumed for the correctness of the information . Up-to-date arrival/departure times are provided for virtually all stations and DB trains (intercity trains, local trains and S-Bahn). Please appreciate that a forecast may not be possible in isolated cases.

You can also receive the punctuality information on your mobile phone from