"Umwelt-Plus" means even more environment-friendly travel

As from 1 April 2013, all customers who purchase an ICE, IC/EC single or group ticket without BahnCard discount for journeys which begin and end inside Germany can optionally add the "Umwelt-Plus" offer to their booking. "Umwelt-Plus" can also be booked for accompanying children aged under 15 who are travelling free of charge and stated on the adult's ticket. In other words, you all travel together with 100% green power. If you are travelling in a group or have booked travel for a school outing, these journeys can also optionally be made with 100% green power.

Opt for "Umwelt-Plus" and you make long-distance journeys with 100% green power!
Deutsche Bahn purchases the electricity and feeds it into the traction current grid. The supplement is charged per person and direction. Each time you buy a ticket, you can decide individually whether or not you wish to add "Umwelt-Plus" to your booking. This offer is available through all Deutsche Bahn sales channels. It does not apply to DB Regio, non-Federal railways or transport associations which do not have their own green power concept. This also refers to journey segments on such trains as feeder services to and from a long-distance journey with Deutsche Bahn.

"Umwelt-Plus" is really easy to book:
You simply book the ticket you require and, at the end of the booking process, select the "Umwelt-Plus" option if you wish to make your journey with green power.

Do your bit and help us to make the energy turnaround become reality!