Taking a bicycle on an intercity train

You need a bicycle ticket and reservation to take a bicycle on an intercity train. You can book and pay for this conveniently in one step when you buy your ticket for all intercity and Eurocity trains in Germany. The reservation for your bicycle is included in the price.

Bicycle tickets are currently only available online when you buy a rail ticket. If you already have a rail ticket, you can obtain the bicycle ticket and reservation as usual from one of our points of sale.

Where are the stowage spaces for bikes/wheelchairs/etc.?
Stowage spaces are generally located in second class carriages. If you have seat and stowage reservations, your seat and stowage space may be in two different carriages.

This is how you can book your bicycle ticket:

  • When you search for train connections in our "Advanced search options" select the option "Take a bicycle". You can then select exclusively from trains which transport bicycles.
  • Enter the number of travellers and select a connection. Please note that small children have to be declared in the Travel Information if they also require a bicycle reservation (or a seating reservation).
  • After you make your reservation choices, you can complete the booking process. You have the option of choosing between the online ticket for printing out at home or having your ticket sent by post for a fee.
  • The number of the coach in which the bicycle compartment with your bicycle reservation is located is printed on your ticket. Please use only the bicycle holder which is reserved for you.
  • You will receive a bicycle ticket slip together with your rail ticket which has to be attached to your bicycle in a place where it can be easily seen (ideally on the handlebars). The slip contains information about your journey with the bicycle.