Visit Hanover and its New Town Hall by train

Young and old will enjoy a visit to Hanover thanks to its many events, sights, museums, restaurants and much more.

The best and most spectacular zoo of Europe

The city of Hanover is a major centre in Northern Germany with lots on offer for tourists. Every year it hosts the Schützenfest Hanover, which is the world's largest marksman's festival, or you can time your travels to coincide with the Oktoberfest Hanover. The world fair Expo 2000 was held in Hanover and as a result the Hanover trade fair grounds are now the largest in the world. The Hanover Zoo is considered to be one of the best and most-spectacular zoos of Europe and should be on the top of your to-do list. Museums, theatre, music, sport: you name it, Hanover has it!

A true experience: Hanover from above or below

If you arrive in Hanover by train, your holiday will start at the Hanover Hauptbahnhof, which is worth a visit in itself. One of the most-famous sights are the Herrenhausen Gardens. Made up of four gardens, all in a different style, you will be able to wander around here for hours and enjoy the large variety of plants and numerous fountains and pavilions. Not to be missed is the New Town Hall. A trip to the top of its dome rewards you with magnificent views of the city. Or you can explore the Old Town area with its small lanes and traditional buildings that were beautifully restored after WWII. Hanover also boasts many restaurants, so you are certain to find something to your taste.

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