Saver fare finder: the easier way to find cheaper tickets.

The easiest way to find our cheap fares for long-distance train services is with our saver fare finder. Simply enter the requested route and date of travel and select the cheapest offer.

Saver fare finder

Saver fare finder features

  • Find the cheapest saver fares for long-distance train services in Germany
  • Find the cheapest saver fares for connections between Europe and Germany
  • Customised filters (price, date, time, travel time, transfers, etc.)
  • Can be combined with discounts such as BahnCard, RAILPLUS, etc.

Tips for finding tickets:

  • If a section of the route it outside of Germany, please click on "Point of departure or destination outside of Germany and then select the corresponding country.
  • Use the filtering options to narrow your search by travel period, journey time and options for changing trains.
  • Removing the "Show fast connections" check mark will show you connections with longer journey times and potentially cheaper offers.
  • Mondays, Fridays and Sundays are busy days for travelling - the best value tickets sell out quickly. It is often worth searching for journeys outside peak travel times. Book your tickets early. Saver fares can be booked up to six months in advance of the trip.

If your requested station abroad is not available in the saver fare finder, please use the standard search on the travel information site.

Our tip for you: use our new best price finder

The best price finder shows you the lowest price in our system for long-distance, regional and international travel. This new feature was added to in August 2020. We are planning to add it to the DB Navigator app in autumn 2020.

The best price finder takes the saver fare finder to the next level and offers the following advantages.

  • More choice: the best price finder shows you the lowest available prices for tickets on long-distance, regional and international trains.
  • Clearer overview: by grouping connections by time and using a visual price comparison, the new function makes it easier to compare fares throughout the entire day. This way, you can see the best available price at a glance.
  • Easier to find: the best price finder is part of our website's travel information section, and you can activate it with a single click.
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