Best price finder: see the best price in the travel information function

When you're looking for a connection, the new best price finder on gives you a practical overview of the lowest ticket prices throughout the entire day.

Benefits of our best price finder

The best price finder takes the saver fare finder to the next level and offers the following advantages.

  • More choice: the best price finder shows you the lowest prices for tickets on long-distance, regional and international trains.
  • Clearer overview: by grouping connections by time and using a visual price comparison, the new function makes it easier to compare fares throughout the entire day. This way, you can see the day's best price at a glance.
  • Easier to find: the best price finder is part of our website's travel information section, and you can activate it with a single click.
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How the best price finder works

The best price finder is very easy to use: just activate it in the travel information section on or in DB Navigator. Read our instructions to find out how it works. The function is available even if you don't log in using your customer profile.

How to use the best price finder in DB Navigator

The most common questions about the best price finder

What does "best price finder" mean?

Our best price finder is a new function on, and it provides you with clear, practical information about the ticket prices that our system finds for a specific connection. You can activate this new function by clicking the "Show best prices" box in the travel information section of our website. After the best price finder has been activated, it displays the connections for the day you have selected, with prices listed in ascending order (if available) and grouped by time period.

Please note:

  • Our system may not show prices for certain connections (e.g. transport association services) in the first step even though these tickets are available on These prices are displayed in the next step and can be lower than the fares shown in our best price finder.
  • We are unable to show fares for tickets that we do not sell.

By way of information, the connections are all included at the end of the list.

What is the best price?

The best price in the travel information section is the day's lowest fare for the selected connection. It is highlighted using a green symbol or green line.

The best price is not a fixed fare or a new fare category. The best price finder is a new feature that lists connections with prices in ascending order (if available) and sorted by time.

Why can't I see the best price if I want to buy a ticket for travelling today?

Our website does not display the checkbox for activating the function if you use today's date in your search. This happens because a search containing today's date is normally used to find information, not make bookings. Also, fewer connections are normally available, and the price differences are much smaller.

What is the difference between the best price finder and saver fare finder?

Our best price finder displays more results than the current saver fare finder: super saver fares, saver fares, saver and flexible fares for long-distance trains have been added to tickets for local and international travel.
The best price finder uses a redesigned and clearer layout to display fares. Including it in the travel information section means that this new feature is easy to access.