Travel information for your KIELIUS connection

KIELIUS timetables and KIELIUS flyers

KIELIUS buses operate between Kiel and Hamburg Airport via Neumünster up to 19 times a day in each direction. Quick, comfortable and inexpensive, there's no better way to make this journey. All of the current timetables for KIELIUS route 4550 service and the latest KIELIUS flyer (in German), which provides an instant overview of all of the most important information, are available on this page:

The location of the KIELIUS stop at Hamburg Airport. Click the image for a larger version.

The location of the KIELIUS stop at Kiel's central bus station ("ZOB"). Click here to download.

Real-time information for journey times with KIELIUS

You can now access the latest KIELIUS schedules online and so plan your journeys even more efficiently. The KIELIUS app is available for downloading free of charge at the App Store and Google Play Store.