First Class

More relaxing. More room. More comfort.

First class comfort starts in your seat. Wider seats and more leg room make for a better business climate or the perfect place to relax. In first class you have the option to stay connected to your professional or private life with reliable cell phone reception and outlets for your electronic devices. You donít have to miss a beat while you travel!

Also, allow our first class attendants to make your journey more pleasurable. We ensure personal and attentive service to our first class customers and offer light food fare and a variety of newspapers during your trip.

First Class Lounge

Before you start your journey, be sure to stop by our First Class/bahn.comfort Counter to receive the latest information on fares and time schedules. We are happy to assist you with whatever your travel needs may be. Also take advantage of our new DB Lounges exclusively for first class customers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich!

Worried about the price? We provide an elite service without elitism. First class fares are extremely reasonable and are worth every penny. For example, travelling from Frankfurt to Paris first class starts at only 69 euros compared to 39 euros in second class. Treat yourself with the experience of first class on your next journey - you wonít regret it!