Our airport service takes your luggage almost right to the gate

For a comfortable rail journey to the airports Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig/Halle or Munich-Erding, you can simply send your luggage to one of our luggage depots at these airports.

You can collect your luggage there before departure and then check in with your airline to continue your journey. On your return, these depots will also arrange transport of your luggage back to your home address. In the interest of simplicity, we advise you to purchase your luggage courier ticket for the return journey together with the ticket for the outbound journey. Tickets are also available from DB Travel Centers or the DB agencies at the airports.

If your luggage is stored for more than 3 working days, a charge of between 2 and 3 euros, depending on the airport, is due for each item of luggage per day.

Sending your luggage to other European countries

For destinations in Austria or South Tyrol your luggage can be sent right to the door. The following applies to all luggage transports to another country and back:

  • maximum 3 items of luggage per person (no limit for Austria)
  • standard luggage up to 25 kg (Austria up to 30 kg)
  • maximum dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm
  • no door-to-door service available in Switzerland or Luxembourg
  • when you purchase a courier luggage ticket to Switzerland you will receive all the necessary international customs documents
  • no crates, boxes etc. are allowed in luggage transports to France
  • with the exception of Austria, luggage tickets to Germany from other countries can only be purchased from the foreign railway concerned
  • in Austria you can call a special service hotline (+43) 01805 / 236723 (calls are charged) if you wish to place an order, change the collection date or require any general information
  • Liability is based on the provisions of the International Convention concerning the Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (CIV).

You can hand in/collect your luggage here

Airport Hand in/collection point
Berlin-Tegel Passage between main passenger building and Gate 1
Frankfurt/M. Terminal 1, Hall B, Arrivals
Terminal 2, Hall D, Arrivals
Hamburg Terminal 2, Arrivals
Hanover Hall B, Arrivals
Leipzig/Halle Terminal B, information desk on ground floor
Munich-Erding Terminal 1, service centre in central section