More room. More comfort.

Quiet atmosphere, ample space, free WiFi and comfortable seating await you on board our ICE services – ideal for working or relaxing

In 1st class you can use your time constructively by preparing for a business meeting or use the time simply to relax. If you want to take the opportunity to work while travelling, there is a desk available at your seat that can be used for business activities between your destinations. The spacious and comfortable seating offers lots of legroom and ample distance from your neighbours.

Many seats have laptop power points and specially designated areas provide interference-free enhanced mobile phone reception. Look out for the mobile phone symbols in the carriages.

Quiet zones are reserved for passengers who want to travel in peace. Experience the feeling of being personally attended to in 1st class. Our specially designated staff are there to welcome you with a smile and help you with any questions you may have regarding your seat or luggage.

From December, your journey in First Class will be even more relaxing

You’ll be able to enjoy even more comfort – with just a slight increase in price. From December, you can look forward to:

-A seat reservation included in the ticket fare for all First Class customers when you buy a Normalpreis (flexible fare for Germany/Europe) or Sparpreis (saver fare for Germany) ticket;
- Exchanges on reservations at no charge until shortly before your departure, allowing you to keep your options open
- You’ll continue to be able to select your train when you buy a Normalpreis in First Class (including trains where you do not have a reservation).
- Free access to WiFi hotspots on ICE trains.

At-Seat service

We want you to feel comfortable throughout your whole journey. Special staff have been assigned for 1st class passengers at the train stations and on board the ICE trains and are happy to look after and attend to each individual passenger.

For example, when ordering food and drink from our on-board menu or requesting the daily newspaper. On the ICE Sprinter (supplement payable), we also serve 1st class passengers a small snack and soft drinks (coffee, tea, mineral water, orange juice) free of charge at their seats.

Before you plan your journey, be sure to stop by our 1st Class/bahn.comfort Counter to receive the latest information on fares and timetables. We are happy to assist you with whatever your travel needs may be. Also take advantage of our new DB Lounges exclusively for first class customers in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Francfort and Cologne!

Worried about the price? First class fares are extremely reasonable and worth every penny. For example, travelling from London to Frankfurt 1st Class starts at only EUR 109.00. Treat yourself to 1st Class travel on your next journey with DB Bahn—you won’t regret it!