Enjoy a relaxing journey overnight and make the most of the day!

Whether you’re connecting from London to Munich via Paris or to other European destinations Whether you are planning
to go sightseeing, shopping, visiting friends or family or whether it be a business or leisure trip: the City Night Line is a superb way to travel.

There are three categories of travel to choose from on the night train: comfortable sleeper, couchette or seat

Sleeping car
In your own bedroom through the night.
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Spend a good night in an inexpensive couchette car.
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Seated car
The seated car is the cheapest comfort class on City Night Line.
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Destination Name of train Bicycle carriage
Amsterdam - Copenhagen Borealis yes
Amsterdam - Munich/ Innsbruck Pollux yes
Amsterdam - Prague Kopernikus yes
Amsterdam- Zurich/ Chur Pegasus yes
Copenhagen- Basel Aurora yes
Copenhagen- Prague Orion no
Berlin- Paris Perseus yes
Berlin- Zurich Sirius yes
Hamburg- Paris Andromeda no
Hamburg- Zurich/ Chur Komet yes
Munich- Berlin Capella yes
Munich- Hamburg Pyxis yes
Munich- Paris Cassiopeia yes
Munich- Rome Lupus yes
Munich- Venice Pictor yes
Munich- Milan Apus no
Prague- Zurich Canopus yes

• Deutsche Bahn UK Booking Centre, tel.: +44 8718 80 80 66
• www.bahn.com/uk or sales@bahn.co.uk
• www.eurail.com to order your Eurail Pass online
• www.interrail.eu to order your InterRail Pass online

Overview Prices

Book one of our „Europa-Spezial“ saver packages (ticket and reservation) for inexpensive overnight travel to your destination with City Night Line. Prices per person and route in a couchette car begin at just 59 euros. For an additional 25 euros, you can travel in a comfortable sleeping car, including breakfast.

Key Benefits

  • Save a day by travelling overnight
  • Arrive well-rested in the city centre
  • Stress-free travel come rain or shine

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